Slay like a Queen at the Gym – Water Bottles

A gym is a place for us to work out, to sweat it out, to achieve our dream body, and most importantly, to keep fit and stay healthy.

But with the heaty environment at the gym and your intensive workouts and weightlifting, undoubtedly you are gonna sweat like a waterfall.

It is very dangerous as you might get dehydrated which brings many problems with it such as fatigue, cramps, and high pulse rate.

It might not only jeopardize your workout but also make you sick or expose you to dangers.

That’s totally going against “staying healthy”!

Hence, it is super important to keep yourself hydrated at all time and while not every gym provides a drinking machine, the best way is to bring sufficient water with you whenever you hit the gym??




Water bottles 水瓶

Now you can have your very own unique bottle so that it won’t get mixed up with others at the gym which you can have your own logo printed on the bottle!


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Click to view > Custom Logo Water Bottle



Click to view > Outdoor Travel Silicone Bottle



The bottle above is a very special bottle. Made of silicone, this bottle is collapsible and foldable, hence saving you a lot of space!

It definitely perfect for hiking, running, traveling and any outdoor activities!


Click to view > Fitness Bottle



If you’re a tea lover, this bottle might be just the one for you. It comes with a removable, easy-to-clean tea leaves filter!

Imagine everyone else drinking plain water at the gym and you be drinking tea like a boss.

Besides, the bottle also claims to be BPA-free, heat resistance, no leaking and durable.

Also, you can engrave any words on the bottle for free!




Protein Shaker Bottle摇摇杯


Protein is a very crucial and important nutrition for the gym goers.

Protein shaker bottle is a must for you right now and I’m sure!

Purpose of drinking protein milkshake to help you gain weight and muscles easily, but it was not that easy actually.

It all depends on how frequent and how much you drink it, and you should keep active if you’re gonna drink protein milkshake. What I recommend is, drink it only when you do the workout??

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Click to view > Protein Shaker



Click to view > Protein Power Shake


The second one lagi?good!

It has all that a shaker bottle needs, and additionally equipped with something unique – storage compartments.

It has 3 compartments underneath the bottle that is secured with twist n’ lock technology.

The first compartment is for storing medicines and pills, the second and the third one are the 100cc container and 150cc container respectively.

One object, many usages! It not only saves up our space and money, but it has also made our lives easier!??



Drinking enough water is not only keeping us from sickness, but it is also very important to girls because staying hydrated is the key to a healthy, supple, glowing skin!

Since drinking water is so important, it’s time to get yourselves a cool water bottle!??



Written by Ivy Chu


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