T-shirts that are not like others!

Name one garment that is most used in everyone’s DAILY LIFE??

I would say it’s the T-shirts!

But T-shirts can be repeating and boring.??

If you wanna look fresh and lively, you should start with choosing an EXTRAORDINARY T-shirt~??



Artsy Embroidery T-shirt

An embroidered rose on a boring plain tee works wonder on the whole look!??



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Simple Slogan T-shirt

Slogan tees are the most common among others.

It should be kept simple with only one simple sentence to show your individuality.??




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Click to view > Printed Short-Sleeved T-Shirt




Back Printed T-shirt

A plain tee at the front look, but with interesting printing hidden at the back side~

An element of surprise~??


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Click to view > Back Printed Letter T-Shirt




Layered-look T-shirt with Gauze

The adding of the material of gauze into the design of many garments is the TREND.

People are no longer limited in just matching clothes, but also added layering and mix-matching into consideration to show UNIQUENESS and INDIVIDUALITY.??



The design of this T-shirt with Gauze is not too over, it’s humble yet classy.

Definitely worth the try.??


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Off-Shoulder T-shirt

Who says T-shirts can only be in the typical round neck???

Without any printings on the t-shirt, it can look extraordinary just with some designs at the collar~???



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T-shirt with Gauze in 2-piece

Besides the printings on the t-shirts,

different material on the t-shirt such as the gauze like this one makes a huge difference between your t-shirt and others.??





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Click to view > Wild Short-Sleeved T-Shirt




Give it a little more thought in PICKING your t-shirts makes you extraordinary

even when you’re wearing a plain old tee like anyone else!??




Article Translated from 美丽说


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