A Timeless Design: Mary-Jane, A Shoe That Every Girl Need!

“Manolo Blahnik Mary Janes!?I thought these were an urban shoe myth.”??

Remember Carrie found the Manolo Blahnik Mary Janes in Vogue’s fitting room and

let out this huge exclamation in Season 4 of Sex and the City? The shoe?? was likened a legend.




Manolo Blahnik also gained popularity due to this American comedy-drama TV series.

The Mary-Jane shoes has since became every women’s dream.??


The Mary-Jane shoe was introduced in 1902 when the comic strip Buster Brown was first published.

Mary Jane was one of the main characters in the comic.??

In 1904, Brown Shoe Co. bought the rights to the Buster Brown name and

brought to life the Victorian-styled shoes appeared in the comic.??




Although Mary-Jane was first introduced as children’s?? shoes,

it became popular among the noble ladies in the 1910’s.

You could imagine the fine ladies in their beautiful dresses???walking around elegantly in the Mary-Jane shoes ?.




The charm of Mary-Jane did not fade away even until the 1920’s.

One of the evidences is that it was worn by the lead female character, Daisy from The Great Gatsby.?▼




Even until today, you will still be awed as you see Alexa Chung, the fashion icon, in the Mary-Jane.

The shoe is overflowing with classic and it goes amazingly well with any outfits be it formal or casual wear.??



Look, unlike your expectations, Mary-Jane will not look childish on you,

and it is not too “attention-seeking” like other kind of shoes, instead,

it shines???with its stylishness and elegance in a humble way.??



????Any Mary-Jane shoes worth buying?


1)? ? ?Repetto Mary-Jane Shoes

Repetto Mary-Jane collection is perfect for beginners.

It has all the characteristics of a standard Mary Jane shoe: rounded toe,

fine strap and the options of flat or low block heel, not to mention that it is soft and comfortable to wear.??




▼ The fashion blogger, Chiara Ferragni’s red Mary Jane is definitely the most classic kind.




The classic Mary Jane has low heels, rounded toe and a single strap across the top of the foot.

Taylor Swift loves the classic Mary Jane as she wore them for most of this summer.??



We recommend you to buy????



Click to view > Retro Mary Jane Single Shoes Flat Shoes



Click to view > Lattice Bow Retro Mary Jane Shoes




2)? ? ?Mary Jane Shoes with Multiple Straps

There’s this multiple-strap type Mary Jane besides the classic single-strap type.

This type of modified Mary Jane is already worn by many fashion icons for us to look up as example.?▼




The flat-heel Mary Jane is perfect to be wore daily, to anywhere.??




▼ Kate Bosworth also has the same kind~




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Click to view > Vintage Femininity British Mary Jane Shoe



Click to view > Retro Square Mary Jane Shoes with Mid Heels




3)? ? ?Pointed-toe Mary Jane

Rounded toe isn’t sexy enough? Try the pointed one then~

Emilia Clarke, the sexiest woman on earth loves this type. It’s hard not to be sexy in one of these.??




▼ The pointed-toe can help to beautify your leg figure~




It’s more sexy and stylish than the other type.??




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Click to view > Pointy Shallow Mouth Flat Mary Jane Shoes



Click to view > Low-Heeled Flat Tip Mary Jane Ballet Shoes




Mary Jane shoes, the combination of classic and class.

Are you sure you don’t wanna own one of these???

All girls need a pair of Mary-Jane!??





Article Translated from 美丽说

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