Unleash the Full Potential of your White Shirt

Most people’s first impression on a white shirt is it is worn by a typical office lady.

It’s time to throw away your out-of-date opinion as the designs of white shirt are so DIFFERENT now!

More designs are added to the collar, the bottom hem, and the cuff area.





Overall Dress + White Shirt: Preppy Style

This is how you create a classic and perfect preppy style.



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Tied Up Shirt – Luxurious without effort


Buttons up knot

Fasten all the buttons of your shirt except the last one or two depending on the length of your shirt.

Tie up a knot using the unfastened part~

This way, you get to show off your sexy waist and look youthful and stylish~


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Tuck-in style is always the right style!


All tuck in

Tuck all of your shirt in, you’ll look fresh and sharp,

not to mention that you’ll get to show off your long legs~

A shirt with a harder material will look very formal and is perfect to be worn to the workplace.



Half-tuck in

Fashion never run out of style, and what is trending now is do not wear your shirt properly,

and you can do it by tucking in only half of your shirt.





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Now, do you get that your white shirt is full of potential?

It’s time to jump out of the box and stop wearing your shirt the typical way!


All matching white shirt can perfect your look!



Article Translated from 美丽说



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