Many girls have this problem???

You have a slim upper body, but you just look FAT?at the lower part of your body.??

As a result, you look fat in any pants which is your size and look shorter than other girls who are of the same height as you.??


Many girls give up and say:

It’s the fate of someone with wide hips and short legs?

But it may not be the case.

First, let’s find out where is the HIP??



Girls naturally have wider hips than guys, and we should be PROUD of that because it’s beautiful?

It gives us the figure of a beautiful woman.

Many Victoria Secret angels have wide hips and they look AMAZING!??


But if it’s so great to have a wide hip, then why does it makes us look shorter?

This is because there is a huge difference between ‘real wide hip’ and ‘fake wide hip’.??

If the widest part of your body is at the root of your thighs, it’s ‘fake wide hip’ and you’ll look shorter visually.



‘Fake wide hip’ is caused by the wrong position of walking and sitting,

for example, walking with legs turned in, or sitting cross-legged??

These wrong habits result in the turning inwards of your hip joint.?



Another cause of ‘fake wide hip’ is the FATS.

Many girls love snacking but do not exercise,???

topped with sitting down for a long period of time,

FATS accumulate around your hips and causes ‘fake wide hip’.


Even the celebrities can’t escape from this fate.??

Even Gao Yuanyuan, China’s “National Goddess” can’t hide her wide hips?▼


Celebrities who are known for their chubbiness such as Rulu Jiang and Fan Bingbing also could not be exempted from this curse of wide hips.


There’s only one way to fight the curse of a wide hip which works for guys and girls!???


Don’t just stop at getting rid of ‘fake wide hip’,

let’s also work our way to a beautiful butt!??



Step 1: Squat


Step 2: Glute Bridge


Step 3: Kneeling Hip Extension


4 sets per step, 15 repetitions per set.

The key is to be persistent!

Do not give up!????



The squat is the best workout for your glutes, no matter you’re a guy or a girl!

This is because 70% of the total body muscles are gathered on the lower part of your body.

Hence with constant training, you will be able to improve your cardiopulmonary function and your body strength and explosiveness.??


You can fix the flaws of your body through dressing up while you’re in a process of building up a PERFECT BODY!!






Dress OR Skirt, Only Choose Those With A High Waistline,

Avoid Anything With A Low Waistline.



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Say NO To A Tight Skirt.

Go For The Full Skirt Instead.



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Wear High Raised Flared Trousers Instead of Tight Pants.



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So, if you have ‘fake wide hips’,

get rid of it by working out and dressing up?




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