Worrying Bottom? Mermaid Dresses The Best Cover Up in 2018

I believe in every women’s heart lives a PERFECT MERMAID DREAM???

Acquiring good look and body with superb magical power, indeed very tempting!!?



If you are an “A” shape lady with the bottom as rather bigger in size than the upper body part,

MERMAID DRESSES can easily transform your worries from “A” shape to “X” shape lady??

Mermaid dresses focus on the waistline that balances the upper and lower body line.

Thick legs or big thigh can be covered up PERFECTLY be it for workplace or prom fashion??



Line pattern in mermaid dress enhances the slim fit outlook.

The contrast colours combination between warm blue and pure white give an ELEGANT BANG!???


▲ Liu Yifei perfectly outshines herself with purple pinkish deep V off-shoulder and white mermaid dress.??

These combinations not only COVER UP the worrying bottom,

the deep V off-shoulder forms a symmetrical balance that makes her slimmer and taller.?



▲?Olivia Palermo outwears the casual trends by matching with mermaid skirt and a pair of black dots heels.

That’s the right model for all millennium OLs!





Mermaid short skirt is an age reversing tool.

Look at those wavy hems of mermaid skirt, cute yet with a little naughtiness, young and energetic!

Time to grab ONE in the next summer coming.??



Knitted crop top with mermaid skirt brings out the feminine within!??




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The one make your Bottom Polish Up

Midi dress is more towards formal and serious outfits.

For working or attending special events is one of the preferences.

A must investment in every woman’s closet?



Choosing the right material is IMPORTANT for every dress.

This white laced mermaid midi is sewn by rather stiff material in order for the holdup!

Matching with bright light colour top welcomes the early summer!??





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Romantica – the adverb and benchmark for mermaid dresses!

Walking across the street as though dancing elegantly down the windy cloud.??





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Undeniably, mermaid dresses have gained its affirmation from high end to the folk street fashion.

Start your mermaid journey by dancing gracefully with this mermaid dresses TODAY!!???






Article Translated from 美丽说

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